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1. High melt index ,  forming large part , widely used in SAIC, Land Rover, DFM etc models 
2. The brisance in high low temperature is eligible , 2.5 of ordour degree ,VOC ELV meet the requirement of main vehicle operation .
     free spraying material for airbag cover , Scratch Resistance, good formation . 
3。 Lighting performance complied to the standard of irradiation energy of SAE J2527 2500KJ 。 
4。 Two processing type for choice , extruded Blister and injection , odour level 6。0/3。0 (105℃)  , 
    scrach resistance ( ΔE 0.6 )  , low density (0.9g/cm3) , good substitude material for PVC ,PU etc . 
5. Wide temperature range . 

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